Morioka CHUO High School
  • 盛岡中央高校
  • CHUOフォーラムの様子
  • 昇龍祭
  • スポーツ大会

Morioka Chuo High School (MCHS) was established in 1963 by Fukumi Tatsuzawa. MCHS has become one of the preeminent private high schools in northeast Japan, offering its students a diverse, cultured educational curriculum including academics, extracurricular activities, and international exchange. The school boasts an excellent university and job placement record, a low student-teacher ratio, and a strong foreign language program. The international education program requires that students go abroad at least once during their high school career. Students also attend the annual Chuo International Education Forum as well as visiting our sister schools around the world. Moreover, almost all MCHS students strive to excel outside the classroom in one of a diverse selection of nearly 30 sports and cultural club activities.