Morioka CHUO High School

School emblem

The emblem's hexagonal snow crystal symbolizes the ancient form of the kanji character, "dragon", which is a part of the name of the founder and first principal, Fukumi Tatsuzawa. The circle in the upper middle area symbolizes the dragon's eye. It is said to be a masterful, truly original work made by the famous Morioka-born ironware craftsman and former professor of Fine Arts and Music at Tokyo National University, Mr. Kanji Suzuki.

School Motto

Independence & Enterprise
Perseverance & Excellence

Mission Statement

We strive to educate young adults who, being sound in body and mind, value hard work and responsibility, think independently, and have a rich sense of humanity.


4-26-1 Mitake, Morioka City, Iwate, Japan, 020-0122
Phone: +81 19-641-0458 Fax: +81 19-641-5553