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CHUO International Education Forum

The 18th Chuo International Education Forum

The 18th CHUO International Education Forum was held on August 28, 2016 at Morioka Civic Cultural Hall. We had about 1300 guests from Japan including the participants from Okayama Gakugeikan and Okinawa Shogaku, and 16 countries and a region from around the world.

Principal Tomisawa and the School Forum Committee head made their speeches during the opening ceremony. After this, the principal of the High School Affliated to Fudan University , Mr. Jian Wu gave the keynote speech 'My Thoughts on How to Develop Future Education'. Mr. Wu expressed his thoughts that education is not only for creating the future but it can also be a foundation for human society. He appealed to the audience, ''if there were no education today, society in the future would be rough and meaningless. Therefore we should work hard to educate children and see our efforts paid off.'' (Whole text of the keynote speech will be in the Excelsior Vol.18.)

All student participants from CHUO and our sister schools did presentations about 'Creating a Sustainable Society.' This year, there were 4 topics; Renewable Energy, Disaster prevention, Ecotourism, and World Heritage & Cultural Resource Management. Students worked together to make great presentations by using power point in order to capture the hearts of the audience.

In the second half of the Forum, students introduced their schools and performed their traditional songs and dances. The finale came with the Forum Song with great success.

More information will be available on this webpage and in Excelsior vol.18 shortly. Please check back later.

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