Morioka CHUO High School

The 18th Chuo International Education Forum

Information about the 19th Forum (2017)

Morioka Chuo High School will hold the 19th International Education Forum in Morioka on Thursday, August 31, 2017. The theme of the 19th Chuo International Education Forum is "Global Citizens for a More Peaceful and Tolerant World". The topics for this year are: "Management of Food Production", "Disaster Prevention and the Environment", "Poverty and Education, Child Labor and Their Rights", and "Global Volunteering". On the day of the Forum, the student participants will make group presentations about these issues, and they will also give artistic performances which are representative of their respective countries. In the week leading up to the Forum, both the students and visiting teachers will have many opportunities to experience Japanese life and culture. It should be a great experience for all in attendance!

We look forward to hosting our guests from our sister schools!

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