Morioka CHUO High School

Curriculum and Courses

"Super Premium" Advanced College Prep Course

Every year, the small, highly motivated group of learners in the "SP" Course takes on the challenge of studying twelve hours a day, six days a week for three years in order to enter Japan's most elite universities.

Advanced College Prep Course

This course is designed to prepare students for medical schools and highly competitive public universities such as the prestigious Tokyo University.

College Prep Course

The aim of this course is to place students in public and private universities.

Overseas College Prep Course

The emphasis of this course is on the development of English language skills in order to place students in internationally oriented college and university programs. All students in this course spend one year in either Australia or New Zealand.

Comprehensive Course

This course provides students with an ample selection of academic subjects in order to meet the needs of a variety of learners.