Morioka CHUO High School

Visits to Sister Schools 2015

Morioka Chuo Students Visit Bangkok Christian College In Thailand

Hideki Kumakura

We visited one of our sister schools, Bangkok Christian College ("BCC") in Thailand, for 10 days, from May 26, 2015 to June 4, 2015.
There were three students in our group: Daiki Takahashi, Kentaro Kamata and, Daiki Shibata.
BCC is a boy's school which was established 160 years ago. In Thailand, BCC is a famous, traditional school, and it has so many graduates working in many professions.
There are over 5,000 students between 6 years old and 18 years old at this school. The school is located in the center of Bangkok and has a very modern style to it.
BCC and Morioka Chuo celebrated the10th anniversary of thier sister school relationship, and the purpose of our visit was to attend a ceremony for this. At this ceremony, the principal of BCC made a welcome speech.
We gave a Sansa Dance performance, and students from BCC gave a performance of song, traditional dance, and marching drums.
We were so excited to see some students in the audience, who had attended the Forum in Morioka.
Chuo students went to classes at BCC, where they studied Thai language and culture.
I believe they did a very good job as ambassadors of Morioka Chuo.

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Morioka Chuo Students Visit Chang Jung Senior High School in Taiwan

In October of 2015, 3 students and 1 teacher from Morioka Chuo High School visited our sister school, Chang Jung Senior High School in Taiwan.
Chang Jung held an International Education Forum, similar to Morioka Chuo's, which the Chuo students attended.
The group did home stays, went to classes at Chang Jung, and learned about Taiwan's culture and history.

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Morioka Chuo Student Visit Otumoetai College in New Zealand

In October of 2015, 3 students and 1 teacher from Morioka Chuo High School visited our sister school, Otumoetai College, in New Zealand.
The Chuo students talked about Japanese culture and about anime to students there who are learning Japanese.
The group also went to a Maori culture center, where they listened to Maori folk songs and watched a Haka performance.
Finally, the students learned about daily life in New Zealand by staying with local families.

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Chuo Students Visit SMA Dwiwarna in Indonesia

A delegation of 5 students and 1 teacher from Morioka Chuo visited our sister school in Indonesia, SMA Dwiwarna, in October, 2015.
The objectives of the visit were to learn about Indonesian culture, to communicate and interact with people there, and to build friendships with the students at SMA Dwiwarna.
The members of the group did homestays on the weekend, and stayed with Dwiwarna students in the school dormitory starting on Monday.
Their days began at 4:30 A.M., to the sound of music for prayer.
On Monday, they had a tour of the school, then studied Indonesian and attended art and music classes.
After school, they taught origami in the Japanese club, and played soccer with Indonesian students.
The Indonesian students talked a lot with the Chuo students, and it was a good chance for the students from the two countries to interact.

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