Morioka CHUO High School

Visits to Morioka Chuo

Japanese language training

on the 3rd of February, a group of students from our sister school in Indonesia, SMA Dwinwarna High School visited Chuo High School.

On the first day they tried origami, Japanese calligraphy and enjoyed playing various games with our students. At the beginning, they struggled with the Japanese language, but toward the end of the day, they seemed to have fun doing the activities.

From the following day until the 7th they took the Japanese language lesson in the morning, and in the afternoon they did various activities which they could not experience in Indonesia, such as ice skating and sightseeing around the city of Morioka.

On the 8th, the final presentation of their Japanese language training was held. The students made presentations in Japanese and talked about their favorite Japanese dishes that they enjoyed and the most memorable experience during their stay. After the presentation, together with our students, they played some games like musical chairs and sang songs.

The following day, they went to Iwate Kogen Snow park and joined the snow festival. They seemed to be astonished by the view of snow the likes of which they have never seen in their own country.

On the 10th of February they left Morioka. Every one of them said they wished to stay longer. Though they were reluctant to leave Morioka, the students from SMA Dwinwarna High School got on the Bullet train and left for Indonesia.

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Students from Thailand and Indonesia Visit MCHS in 2017

We held a Japanese language course for students from SMA Dwiwarna in Indonesia and Bangkok Christian College in Thailand from 26th January 2017. 15 students and 3 teachers left Morioka Chuo after they completed the course. While in Morioka, they experienced many new things in Morioka. They went to regular classes at Chuo, took part in the tea ceremony, cookery class and so on. Apart from classes at CHUO, they did many things, like sightseeing in Morioka by public transport, going to snow festival, visiting local kindergarten and homestay with Japanese families. On the last day of the program they gave fantastic speeches in Japanese to tell us how much they enjoyed themselves and their good memories. We all were so impressed with their achievement.

All students are so friendly, lively and assertive to communicate with Chuo students. They get on very well each other. They showed their interest in Japanese culture and the language. We hope they will constitute to study Japanese more. We believe that they learnt to respect other nationality and understood different cultures.

Students from Thailand Visit MCHS

This October, 5 students and 1 teacher from our sister school in Thailand, Bangkok Christian College, visited Morioka Chuo High School ("MCHS"). They arrived on October 5 and stayed in Morioka for 9 days. They did home stays with local students and their families, attended classes at MCHS, and studied Japanese. A highlight of their trip was going to Morioka Handi-Works Square, where they saw traditional houses for people and horses, and made "Nanbu Senbei" crakers by themselves. It's always hot in Thailand, so they enjoyed the autumn air, which felt cold to them.

The 9 days passed very quickly. We hope that the visiting students enjoyed their time in Morioka, that they learned many new things, and that they will tell people back in Thailand about their experience in Japan.

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Students from SMA Dwiwarna Visit Chuo

A group of 11 students and 2 teachers from Chuo's sister school SMA Dwiwarna in Indonesia visited Chuo from January 26 to February 5, 2015. The students were surprised at how cold it was in Morioka and were amazed at all of the snow on the ground. Some of the first words they learned in Japanese were for "cold" and "snow". They stayed in a dormitory with tatami (straw mat) rooms and a Japanese-style bath.

While in Morioka, the students from Indonesia took Japanese classes, went to regular classes at Chuo, took part in the tea ceremony, played in the snow, and went ice skating. On the second-to-last day of their visit, they gave presentations in Japanese about their experience. They students seemed to have a lot of fun learning Japanese, and were assertive in doing so. They also had an opportunity to do home stays with Japanese families. All in all, it was a good chance for everyone to make friends and to learn about each other's culture.

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